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Cruiser 4 Seater

The 2023 VC Cruiser comes equipped with several upgrades from our previous models. Aside from the obvious body style upgrade, side mirror blinkers, and standard V Carts 4" lift kit, this model also includes independent suspension and front wheel disc brakes. This fully electric, street legal, VC Cruiser comes fully loaded with everything you come to expect from a V Carts 4-seater and more:
• 4" Lift Kit
• Independent Suspension
• Disc Brakes
• Off Road Tires
• Plush Seats
• USB Charging Ports
• Galvanized Chassis
• Auxiliary Power Outlet
• Digital Displays
• Side Mirror Blinkers

1,125lbs (510kg)

Lithium-Ion BatteryLithium-Ion Battery 48 volts, 105amps, 5.37kWh
142lbs, 64.4kg, 12 volt converter
Onboard lithium-ion battery charger

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